No Lunches Outside


Wren Wampler

Outside Lunch Area

The administration announced on Monday that there is no eating outside this week due to the amount of trash found outside last week.

The administration also said that if there continues to be a problem with littering outside there will be NO lunch outside.

Cleaning up after yourself when outside is one of the most simple acts a person can do to help the Earth. There are trash cans outside and inside, so there is no reason to leave trash out on tables or just on the ground where it can get into water sources or be eaten by animals. Also, this makes our school look bad, especially since the lunch area faces the road.

The administration canceling lunch outside this week is a wakeup call for the Lafayette High school students to be more aware of how their small mindless actions can affect the environment around them.

If we cannot handle the little freedom the school gives us by eating outside in a respectful\; way and show that we are responsible students then we shouldn’t have that privilege.

There is no reason for the administration to have to remove eating out completely, if we learn after this warning to be more mindful with our actions and show more love to the planet by simply just cleaning up after ourselves.