Student Y 2019


Zaida Bell-Frantz

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Student Y is a club for like-minded people who are interested in leadership, government, and serving their communities. Student Y helps teach people how to debate in a structured way. While learning how to agree and disagree in a healthy way. The Lafayette Times talked to Student Y’s adviser, Mrs. McPherson, who said, “People from all ends of the political spectrum can come together” in our club.

Currently, Lafayette’s Student Y is working on several different community projects to prepare them for Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) which happens in November. KYA is a mock government conference were students from different schools come together and debate and talk about mock bills to help make Kentucky better. In these two days the students get hands on experience of problem solving and participating in a real high stakes government environment. It is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else in such a positive and fun way.

In the spring, the Student Y members also go to Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA), which is another mock government event, but instead of talking about state issues they act as the United Nations and talk about how to help the world as a whole. There is also a cultural aspect where the attendees are able to go around the plaza to booths and learn about different cultures and the different political issues around the world.

KUNA and KYA give attendees the unique experience of learning about problems and debating issues they care about in a safe environment. The amount of middle ground that can be established by these teens in only two days is astounding, and they are able to see things from completely different viewpoints when they are put in a safe and kind space to do so.

The quality that makes Lafayette’s Student Y so unique to other clubs is that it is completely student- led. From volunteer work to the conference itself, it’s up to the students to take their own opportunities into their own hands and make their ideas happen.

Information about the Student Y can be found in Mrs. McPherson’s room 212.