Thanksgiving for Everyone


Anna Meadows

Taken outside Lafayette High School, showing the fall season is here.

Thanksgiving is a time where families get together, forget about their diets, and chow down on a variety of foods. The familiar aroma of turkey, ham, casserole, stuffing, brown rice, green beans, and so much more fill the air with the sweet pumpkin candle smell in order to add to the holiday’s. Getting up somewhat early in the morning in order to watch the Thanksgiving Parade on NBC, the younger kids would sit there and wait for Santa Claus to come at the end to show that Christmas is on it’s way.

Getting ready for your family to come over and dressing somewhat nice for the holiday. Almost regretting them coming over the moment they walk in and chaos erupts immediately, but also excited to have everyone together again. They bring more food to add to the pounds you’ll be gaining that day. The grandmothers are heavily covered in their perfume, only adding to the various smells in the air. Cousins come over with their loud screaming younger siblings who will annoy you for the rest of the day. Following you around throughout the entire house, mimicking everything you do.

Once everyone is there and the food is ready, just calling your name. Everyone scatters to their family groups eating together and talking enjoying both the food and the company of others around you. Before you know it you’re finishing your second helping, feeling the food consume your stomach, feeling as though it could burst like a balloon that’s popped by a needle.

Thanksgiving isn’t a time of just giving thanks, but a time of getting together with those who are important to you. There are thousands of people who do nothing for this holiday, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be excluded. Invite your friends over for the holidays and allow them to finally get the true experience of Thanksgiving. Being there for others, which is what this is about.

Traditions are a privilege that many people take for granted. Not everyone has a family that has a big meal to celebrate this time together. So, if you know someone who doesn’t have the Thanksgiving Tradition, don’t hesitate to invite them over. Everyone should be able to have the feeling of being with a family, friends, or even just people who will put a smile on your face. Don’t forget about those who may not be as lucky as you are because there are people who are less fortunate.