Library Fine Forgiveness


Wren Wampler

Dylan Proctor asks Librarian Stephanie Schoff for forgiveness on her library fine

There are many students that have late books due and who have fines. If you fall in that category, you are in luck, the Library is doing book fine forgiveness until Winter Break. Administration have been talking about this on the announcements every morning, but if you haven’t heard about it there, here is the information.

It is a pretty simple procedure. You go down to the library with your overdue books and return them, asking to get your fee forgiven. They will erase it and you will not have to worry about it anymore. Take this opportunity, you may not have this chance again. This is going on until December 20th, right before winter break.

The fact that they are forgiving fines is great because library fines can cause a lot of stress, it can also prevent you from graduating in the future so now you can get rid of these problems for free. Remember you still have to return the book or else they won’t erase the fee.