Ghost or Demon at Lafayette?

Mrs. Lester
At the bottom of the picture next to the girl with glasses head, on the left side you see this strange light which could possible be a spirit trying to manifest. The next photo was taken a second later and now the light object is close to the ceiling on the left of the flower hanging from the ceiling.

It’s time to get the facts straight, whether or not you believe in ghosts or demons, there is definitely something spooky going on here at Lafayette High School. As many people have heard, recently there has been more frequent activity happening in the Foreign Language Hallway. It seems that there are rumors going around, creating different scenarios on what actually has happened. Today you find out the truth on what is happening here at Lafayette, maybe even decide whether or not this is a ghost, or a demon in disguise. Even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, maybe this will even make question on whether this could be real.

March 13th, 2015, Mr. Yeager who is a Spanish Teacher here, and Madame Lambert, a French Teacher, took a selfie at the end of the Language Hallway. They took this photo while they were at the tardy table on Mrs. Lester’s phone as a fun innocent game. Soon after, this innocent occasion would soon take a dark turn. Several months after the photo was taken, Mrs. Lester sent the photo to both Lambert and Yeager, saying that this was funny but was curious about the person behind them. Only when this photo was taken, there was no one behind them, there wouldn’t have been since they were so close to the wall.

Madame Lambert & Mr. Yeager
Taken in 2015, when Madame Lambert and Mr. Yeager took a photo at the tardy table. They are against the wall and if you look between them you can see someone behind them.

The photo above is the actual picture taken, if you look between Yeager and Lambert, you can see someone’s face. It looks as though his dark black eyes are staring straight into the camera. There looks to be a large silver nose ring hanging from his nose, and the way his head was turned seems almost unnatural.

They’ve tried various times to remake the photo, only to come up with nothing. Soon after, Madame Lambert got in contact with a Paranormal Investigator she knows, and what she found out would soon help create the chaos that has risen. The investigator informed Lambert that the figure behind them was a demon, since they are the only ones who can completely form in a photo. How could such an angelic photo turn into something sinister?

This year 2019, Madame Lambert was telling this story to her French 2 class during Halloween. Of course, this was giving it attention, which created the next nerve racking events. The moment the lights were turned on in Lambert’s classroom, Mrs. Habersack’s room started blaring music so loudly that it stopped everyone in their tracks. The kids asked Madame Lambert what was going on in Habersack’s classroom, but the only problem was that there was no one in that room. This was during Habersack’s planning period and she had gone out for lunch, closing down her room completely.

Later that evening, Madame Lambert was at school at 4:30 finishing up some school work. A custodian came into Lambert’s classroom asking if Mrs. Lester meant to leave her TV on. This, of course, puzzled Madame Lambert since Mrs. Lester left for the day at 3:00 and turned everything off in her room. Meaning, there was no way her TV should have been playing Coco. This would have meant that someone logged into her computer, logged into her Netflix account, and pulled up Coco to watch, but no one was in her classroom.

About ten minutes after the TV incident, every light in the school went out. Without hesitation, Madame Lambert quickly closed down her room and left the building having too many events happening so close together.

Over this past Thanksgiving break, a paranormal investigator came to Lafayette. When they went around the school, there wasn’t any activity until they came into the Language Hallway. Mr. Scholl and the investigator found some paranormal activity in both Madame Lambert’s room and Mrs. Lester’s. The investigator got some dowsing rods, which are two long metal sticks that cross when there is an interference or magnetic change. As she walked through the room, it came to a point where the dowsing rods crossed, meaning there was something or someone there.

It seemed as though the air became thin when the dowsing rods crossed. The investigator calmly asked if there was someone there. The rods opened and closed. They asked if it could understand them. The rods opened. Finally, to start getting some answers the investigator asked the spirit to cross the rods for yes answers, and open them for no. By doing this simple technique they found out there is an eight-year-old Polish boy who lives in the far left corner of Madame Lambert’s room. It is assumed his name is Andy, since that name came up on their EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), which is a device used where spirits are able to communicate words in order to give information on why they’re there.

This young boy loves Madame Lambert’s flags that hang in the air throughout her room, and yellow toy snake she has. But things don’t end here. Once they collected the information they wanted from Lambert’s room they moved over next door to Mrs. Lester’s room. Where more activity spiked up. Once again, using the dowsing rods they found out there is a ten-year-old girl who lives there near Lester’s barbie dolls and flowers that hang from the ceiling. She is also from Europe, and is assumed to have come over after World War I. There, it was discovered that the two young ghosts know each other, and are assumed to be friends. It is unclear what her name it, though it is assumed to be either Annie, Anne, or Anna.

While Mr. Scholl and the investigator were communicating with this mystery spirit, it wasn’t through the dowsing rods. It was through the flowers hanging from the ceiling. There was no wind blowing in the room, and with how they moved, could have only been caused by once thing, a ghost. There are two that hang in the air, the one that hangs a little lower is not moving at all, but the one just a little higher is moving rapidly. It isn’t spinning, the way how it moved was unnatural, it was as though someone was picking it up and moving it. They asked if the ghost was Jewish and it stopped and turned to the left, then they say if you’re a 10 year-old girl turn to the right. Once again it stopped for two seconds and turned to the right.

Mrs. Lester
At the bottom of the picture next to the girl with glasses, on the left side you see this strange light which could possible be a spirit trying to manifest.

It is not common knowledge that this school was once an orphanage for European children coming to America for safety, and it was where homeless children lived in crowded spaces, as their families had escaped from Hitler’s cruelty. Somewhere in this building there is a basement, where if investigated, would probably be able to find more activity.
Of course this isn’t where things begin to end. There are some theories going around that there could be a demon here in this school, which takes us back to Madame Lambert and Mr. Yeager’s photo. Demons are the only ones who can fully manifest into a solid figure for photos. Could these two seemingly innocent children really be two demons here at Lafayette High School, draining energy from students to gain power? Or, are the two children just lost souls who tragically lost their lives all those years ago? For that, we will never know.