Movie Review: A Marriage Story

Screenshot -taken from the Film “Marriage Story”
The broken family lays in a bed as they help their son fall asleep- showing that their son’s best interest is still the root of their family.

In the 2019 Netflix original starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, “Marriage Story” follows the story of stage director and an up and coming actress going through their coast-to-coast divorce as they fight for the custody of their child. This pushes them to their personal and creative extremes. This film has an extreme amount of Oscar Buzz, not only for the interesting take on divorce in a modern world but also for the emotional rawness that makes the film hard to watch at times and the tragedy on which the reality is based.

The film is one completely based around the talent of the two leads: Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. Without them this film would be stagnant and fail to move anyone, but because of how simplistic and reality based the performances in this film are makes it a must see.

The most important part of this film that makes it stand out in most portrayals of divorce is, how no side is in the wrong. Throughout this film you see how the divorce and their stress of the situation makes them both villains in each other’s eyes, but yet it’s still obvious how deeply rooted their deep mutual love and respect for each other is. Both parties are individuals with wants and needs, and both are deeply flawed. The amount of humanity shown in this film is remarkable and reflects the harshest parts of love; that most of the time no one is completely to blame for a failed marriage, the blame often lies on both parties.

It also highlights that although no one is a bad person in this film and neither parties are completely at fault the system creates villains out of them. The only “bad guys” in this movie are the lawyers representing Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. It makes the case that the system forces them to make villains out of each other. The system is the real source of all the unnecessary emotional strain they feel during this, because they both in a sense want the same thing. To remain friends and to provide for their son in the best way they can.

In an interview with 9th grader Kathuure Miriti said that, “The reason why I love “A Marriage Story” is because of how much love you feel for both sides and how the whole movie I couldn’t stop myself looking for someone to blame for this heartbreaking story. I wanted someone to blame for all this pain but there truly wasn’t one. It wasn’t as if they just fell out of love, they both did things to each other that made each other drift apart- both are to blame because both are so incredible human.”

“A Marriage Story” is a must see, it refuses to paint divorce and stories like these as something romantically tragic or a story of villains. They tell it as it is in reality, a sad event that neither party wants to take place in. Hollywood is lucky to have a piece of art that helps remind its viewers how important perspective is and how unique every experience is.