Roaring 20’s Prom


Violet Updike

A poster hanging in the gym announces the 2020 Prom theme: the Roaring 20s–A Century Late.

Calling all Juniors and Seniors, prom is coming soon. Prom is an exciting, but chaotic time of the year for all upperclassmen.

On May 9th 2020, Lafayette is hosting its annual prom. The theme for the prom this year is the Roaring 20’s, based on this year’s graduating class of 2020. It will take place at the Carrick House downtown from 8 to 11PM.

Prom ticket sales have not been announced yet, but are usually sold two weeks before Spring Break. They cannot be bought after Spring Break. Tickets are not sold at the door the night of the dance, so watch out and listen for ticket sale days, prices, and locations of where they will be sold.

This year’s prom committee has decided on a pepper colored t-shirt for this year. It will have a very geometrical design, in white, on the front and the back of the shirt. The invitations have been decided and they are being sent to Genos for printing. The 1920’s theme will be reflected in the t shirt design and invitation with colors found in the 1920’s and of course, will also be reflected in the decorations for the Carrick House.

So dust off those flapper dresses, break out those fedoras, and prepare and get ready for the best decade Yette. For updates on the prom status, follow @lafayettejuniorclass21 on Instagram to stay updated on the progress.