How are Lafayette Seniors Doing During Quarantine?


Abbey Hall

Lafayette High School class of 2020 Senior sign.

Abbey Hall, Staff Writer

With the quarantine and no school, seniors are missing out on special events they would have done if they were in school, like school musicals, graduation, and prom. They are all sad and devastated, but they are trying to make the best of their senior year from home. Besides doing NTI, (non-traditional instruction), they are trying to stay connected with friends, figure out college plans and keep themselves busy during this time. 

Lafayette senior Michelle Choi was a part of the student council and orchestra. When asked about how she feels about not having a prom or in-person graduation she said, “Well as sad as I am about not having a prom or a traditional graduation at the end of the day, I understand why we have to and I’m trying my best to stay positive.” 

When asked about college plans, Michelle said,  “As far as college goes, I’m still deciding but I’ll be majoring in biology either way. Luckily, I got an extension on my decision date to June 1 rather than the traditional May 1 date.” 

To pass time, she said, “I definitely have days where I just sit around and watch Netflix all day which I think is a good thing to have. But I also enjoy keeping a routine. So I’ll get my NTI work done, workout, spend time outside, FaceTime my friends and spend time with my family.”  

Harrison Hancock, another senior,  was a part of the cast of Hello Dolly and Lafayette Theatre. When asked about how she feels about not having a prom or in-person graduation he said, “Well I’m sad, of course, about not having graduation but I got to go to three proms at least. Still a downer.” 

In regards to college plans, Harrison said ”My college plans were secured back in February after I placed in the Alltech competition, and school is easier actually,” 

To keep him busy, he said, “I’m passing time by playing video games, going outside, working out and practicing music. Also, me and my friends have met up and stayed 10 ft apart in a friends back yard and talked.” 

So as far as how seniors are doing through this quarantine, they all are trying to stay positive but are super sad and they are keeping themselves busy and trying to stay connected. And we are all doing the same with this school year getting cut short, so we hope to see everyone back in Lafayette in August.