Girls’ Lacrosse

NIa Brown, Sports Staff Writer

 Lafayette now has a girls lacrosse team. This is the first time the girls have had a lacrosse team in the school’s history. Lacrosse is a very aggressive sport. It is basically a sport that includes a lot of running and a stick to catch a ball, the field and scheme is similar to soccer. However, in positioning, it is similar to basketball. We’ve had a boys lacrosse team for a while now, but with girls having an increasing interest in it, they have started their own team. At the first meeting there was 25-30 girls there and they were very excited to finally have their shot at the sport. So here is your opportunity to join. They are practicing in the fall and games start in the spring. However, the team is not being officially accepted as a sport by the school and it is more of a club. The coach, Mrs. Jonakin, is extremely excited for this coming season. Again lacrosse is a sport that requires you to be have skill and finesse. You have to be aggressive, and fast too. So any interested girls at Lafayette should meet with Mrs. Jonakin in the Spanish hallway.