Virtual Choir Concert Gala


Rylie Miller

Lafayette Virtual Choir Gala 2020 presented virtually through YouTube

You might be wondering how Lafayette has managed to pull off a Choir Concert in the middle of a pandemic. Well, they have done it once again. Lafayette Choir has found a way to have a choir concert. Lafayette has done great with the sports seasons but how have they been able to have a choir concert? Virtually that’s, how but how would that work?

You might be asking how that worked, were the choir members at school wearing masks and 6 feet apart, or was everyone at home on one huge zoom? We have talked to Alexandra Thibault, Alexandra is the President of one of Lafayette’s many choirs, and was in charge of hosting this year’s virtual choir gala. The performance was held virtually with pre-recorded performances and introductions. Along with that many virtual solos and the Madrigals performed in a virtual choir. When having in-person rehearsals strict rules were followed to keep everyone safe.

Alexandra states, “Before beginning choir, everyone’s temperature would be taken, everyone would be asked to wash their hands, and everyone joining would have their name and phone number written down. We would remain six feet apart at all times and everyone would be required to wear a mask at all times. After 30 minutes, we would change rooms into a new, and sanitized room. In this room as well, all students remained six feet apart from one another.”

The Lafayette choir is doing great with Covid 19 guidelines, it’s a shame that they cannot have in-person rehearsal anymore, due to the new rules that say, football is the only school extracurricular allowed to have in-person practices or meetings. If you would like to watch the choir, you can watch here.