Mental Health Resources for Students/Families


DaiMonika Mays

Lexington, Ky: Ms.Koch, Lafayette’s mental health specialist’s 2020 Bitmoji space.

2020 has had many stressful moments for families and students. In the “Harmony in Schools” story on Lafayette Times we found out that with 1,500 teenagers, 7 out of 10 kids reported that they were struggling with their mental health in some way, and over 50% of the teens said they struggled with anxiety, 43% dealt with depression, and 45% had felt more stress than usual.

Finding resources to help can be extremely hard when you already have such heightened stress and other things to worry about. Lafayette Times is here to help with the struggle of finding mental health resources for families and students. Lafayette’s mental health teachers put time into their day to guide you to different mental health resources.

Lafayette high school Mental Health support
Hannah koch District mental health specialist MEd, EdS, MSW, CSW Therapist
[email protected]
CHECK OUT Ms. Koch’s Mental Health Weekly Flier Here (click).

Julie Bennington school social worker MSW, LCSW Licensed Clinical Therapist
[email protected]
CHECK OUT Ms. Bennington’s Mental Health Weekly Flier Here (click)

Lexington or Fayette County Schools specific resources
If you need immediate assistance, please see the emergency crisis numbers below.
Local Numbers:
New Vista Crisis Line 1-800-928-8000
Samaritan Hospital 859-226-7000
The Ridge 1-800-753-4673
U of L Peace Hospital 859-928-8000

National Resources
National Numbers:
National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233
National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255
Trevor Project Crisis Line for LGBTQ+ 1-866-488-7386

Lafayette high school mental health specialist Ms.Koch suggests these apps for phones of all types. These apps will help you calm down and focus on your mental health, you can access these apps on the app store and google play: My life, Calm, Breethe, Smiling Mind, and Insight Timer.

Parents go through a lot with having to raise their children, feed them, and try to get them the best education. We understand parents go through stress and Lafayette high school provides mental health resources for parents.

These resources are here to provide stability for the mind and here to help families during the rough year of 2020 in hope to help all families and students and lower the stress rates.