Virtual Band (How the class functions)


Courtesy of Ryan Peters, Lafayette Band Photographer

Lexington, KY. Lafayette Marching Band 2020 entering the football stadium for Senior Night.

During 2020, the world had to go through a lot of changes that people needed to learn how to adapt to. One of those changes was switching from traditional school to NTI/virtual learning. During our journey of navigating changes, school officials had to come up with ways to keep clubs, performance classes, and sports going without spreading the terrible disease of Covid-19.

People began wondering how the world was going to function during all these new rules and changes. Some questions Lafayette families had were how will different classes like orchestra or band function? Lafayette Times interviewed Noah Sprout, a Lafayette band member and asked a few questions about band class.

Lafayette Times: How typical is band class when you’re doing it online?
Noah Sprout: I would say it’s the least typical it’s ever been. The class starts off doing warmups where one person unmutes at a time and plays for the whole class while everyone else is still muted

Lafayette Times: what would the band do if they were in person?What is the usual routine?
Noah Sprout: we would be getting ready for our marching season then soon setting up for our concerts as our usual routine.

Lafayette Times: Are you used to how different virtual learning is or are you ready to go back to in person instruction?
Noah Sprout: I would say I got used to it over the year, but I’ve never enjoyed it and I am really excited to go back to normal in person instruction.

Lafayette Times: How does your teacher instruct the class virtually?
Noah Sprout: Our teacher, Mr. Bishop usually sits in his office [where his computer is] and will call people to play certain things or say which part we need to play either separately or together. Then he will start his tempo[app, and] then call on one person to play unmuted while the rest stay muted.

Lafayette Times: Do you enjoy band class and will you continue with band next school year? Noah Sprout: This is my third year in Band and I really enjoyed it. It’s one of my favorite activities and I’m gonna continue doing it this year.

To keep up with the Lafayette Band’s spring activities, visit the Lafayette Band website

As the band classes transition back to full in-person classes, the band will begin their preseason work before the 2021 marching season. Band also plans on acquiring a camp for the full band.