DEAR ALEX: How Can I Tell If Someone Likes Me?

Dear Alex,

How can you tell if someone likes you?

– Confused and Hopeful

Dear Confused and Hopeful: Figuring out if someone likes you can be difficult. Guys and girls often have different reactions to romantic interests. I believe that if a girl is super nice, always wants to talk to you, and makes the first move, she most likely likes you. Similar to girls, when a guy makes the first move, it’s often because he likes you. However, a guy isn’t always going to be straight forward. Sometimes, they’re going to wait for you to make the first move, but occasionally a guy will be straight forward and tell you, “Hey I like you.” If a guy is playful or texts first, he likes you. Whether guy, gal, or non-binary pal, everyone’s gonna have different ways of saying and showing how they feel. Best thing to do is come out and say it. What’s the worst that could happen? They say no? Hope this was helpful!

– Alex