DEAR ALEX: Can Someone Like Me Even If They’re Taken?

Dear Alex: Can a guy like you even if he has a girlfriend?

– Inquisitive

Dear Inquisitive: There are two answers to your question.

The short answer – It’s not a good look on his end.

The long answer – He should not like you if he has a girlfriend. He already has someone that he should be faithful to, and he is not acting that way. His current girlfriend would be devastated if she found out about this. He is showing his true colors and you should stay away from him. He is going to create problems for you and his current girlfriend. Think about how she would feel, but more importantly think about how you would feel.

He is going to create problems for you. This could be a repeating problem for him. He could have a history of getting with someone and losing interest. I would personally stay away from them, as their behaviors could be destructive to your mental health. If they are exhibiting this behavior to you and their current girlfriend, think about what could happen to you. What if he drops you for another girl? That is going to be detrimental to your mental health. It would be much better if you made sure he stayed a friend and focused on yourself. Keep that in mind when you judge how close you want to get to him.

– Alex