DEAR ALEX: How Would I Start A Club?

Dear Alex: How would I start a club?

– Enthusiastic

Dear Enthusiastic: Starting a club at Lafayette is a relatively simple process.

1. Find a sponsor
They can be a Lafayette Faculty member or an FCPS Employee approved by the principal.

2. Create a proposal
The proposal should contain the purpose, educational benefits, activities involved, and membership requirements.

3. Bring proposal to the principal
Once you create your proposal, you need to bring it to Mr. Jacobs for review. Once he reviews the proposal, he will either approve it or return it to you for revision.

4. Attend an SBDM meeting and present proposal to get the club approved
If Mr. Jacobs approves your proposal, he will put you on the next SBDM Meeting agenda to present it to the council. The SBDM will then review the proposal and tell you if your club is approved.

For more information on this process, visit the Lafayette SBDM Council and Function Policies linked here. You can find it in policy 9.2 New Club Policy.

I hope this helps!

– Alex