November Horoscope


There are many different facets of astrology and one of those are planetary transits. Transits happen when a planet moves from one star constellation to another or a planet forms a certain shape with another planet. These planetary shifts can change and affect our energy or direction throughout each month. Nevertheless, I would encourage people to not base their entire life around it and instead use it as a guide.

With that being said, here are the most important planetary transits this month:

Mercury enters Libra on November 2nd

As Mercury enters Libra, we will start to feel more diplomatic and fair-minded in our communication. People will start to be kinder and more empathetic. Conversations will be more concise and we will start to learn and explore different perspectives much easier. However, people may be more blunt or direct with you so remember that they are trying to tell you the truth without fluffing up conversations.

New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th

New moons always symbolize new beginnings and change, so with the transformative sign of scorpio, the new moon will feel very powerful for many of you. This will be a spark-lighting time where you feel motivated to do any and everything. Maybe you can finally do the things you’ve been putting off or start a new hobby you’ve always wanted to do. This will also be a good time for healing and introspection as Scorpio energy is all about diving deep and getting to the authentic truth.

Sun enters Scorpio on November 15th

As the Sun enters Scorpio, you may start to feel more sensitive but also very intuitive. This will play out in your relationships as Scorpios are always seeking deep connections and complex conversations. However, with this desire for real connections, you may also feel detached and independent. This could play out in your friend groups or at work. Make sure to stay connected to your friends and check up on them.

Mercury enters Scorpio on November 21st

Scorpios thrive on deep, intense conversations so that will be a prominent theme during Mercury in Scorpio. You may feel your emotions very strongly during this time as Scorpio energy is very intense and powerful, especially in Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication. Lies will come out quickly and you will see through a lot of dishonesties, as Scorpios are known to quickly uncover those; so make sure to listen to your intuition during this time.

Full Moon(Lunar Eclipse) in Taurus on November 19th

Full moons are when our emotions get put on blast so this day may feel very intense. Taurus is a possessive Earth sign so this full moon will make us focus on love, finance, and self-worth. Eclipses bring massive shifts and change so be ready to be thrown out of your comfort zone. Spend this time focusing on your relationships and money and trying to bring transformation in that aspect of your life.

November is full of interesting transitions this year, so make sure to pay attention to when they come. Again, I would recommend using these horoscopes as a guide rather than an end-all-be-all. Make sure to have fun as we transition from the warm temperatures to the cold weather and autumn air.