LGBTQ+ Equity Forum


Designed by Lauren Sherrow

Equity Forum invite flyer

On November 10th 2021, the Lafayette GSA organization, also known as General Pride held an Equity Forum. They focused on: harassment and slurs, and staff training and allyship.

When gathering information on this equity forum, General Pride sponsor Ms. Sherrow told the Lafayette Times, “These issues affect students within our building on a daily basis… when they hear slurs used, either against them or casually in conversation, it causes students to not feel safe in their school building.”

Her goal for the forum is: “For all students to feel safe and affirmed at Lafayette.” GSA hopes to bring attention to the negative issues they have faced at school and to create a safe environment where members of the Lafayette community can learn how to act in alliance with LGBTQ+ students.

Ms. Sherrow had some concerns about the outcome of the equity forum. One of her concerns was that students who have many marginalized identities would not be able to have their voices heard. This is because most of the students at our school that get a voice and are able to change things are Majorities of people, such as White Males. However, General Pride has hopes that the staff and administration team will have a better idea after the forum on how to help improve our school climate for ALL students.

The concern that marginalized students wouldn’t have a voice was not reality. Students of all gender identities, sexualities, and races attended. They had their voices heard. A recurring issue at Lafayette was pronouns, specifically using the correct pronouns. This issue occurs among teachers and peers and it is important that we work to one, correct ourselves when we use incorrect pronouns and two, learn a multitude of pronouns. We can’t just isolate people that we think look different either. If we ask the pronouns of one person, we have to ask everyone. The equity forum was a huge success for getting the community’s voices heard.