DEAR ALEX: How do I stick to my New Year’s resolution?

The New Year comes with new friendships, relationships, and even personal goals. We tend to say the same thing every year; “I’m gonna be different.” or, “I didn’t achieve this goal last year but I’ll do this next year.” Most people don’t go through with following their resolution though.

Choosing to focus on yourself or to start new relationships can be a difficult thing, but It’s not impossible. Focusing on yourself doesn’t have to start at any specific moment and can take as long as you need.

New Year’s resolutions are great ways to focus or figure out who you truly are. Resolutions are meant for you and shouldn’t feel pressured in any way. If it consists of changing your wardrobe or painting your room, that’s great, stick to that. They don’t have to be some life changing goal, but can be simple tasks or goals that you have been putting off.

Sticking to your resolution is deciding how important it is and if it is possible or not. You don’t want to set a goal that isn’t achievable at the moment. Also, don’t think that you have to have a resolution because everyone else does. If you are content with your life and don’t want to change anything, don’t. If you have been putting something off because it’s “scary” or you’re too nervous, here is your sign to start. More likely than anything you will feel better and can even improve your mental health. There is no guide or instruction manual for a resolution, It’s safely what needs to be for you.

Resolutions are not meant to scare you but to help you. They don’t have a time limit either so you don’t need to worry about “finishing” it in January.