Marry Me: Movie Review


Marry Me Movie - Graphic by Raya Isenstein

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson walk outside in Marry Me. Taken from the movie

Rom Coms are back! Even though they seemed to be everywhere in the 2000’s, the rom-com (romantic comedy) became less popular in the 2010s. As the Y2K fashion style becomes even more popular, people are itching for the movie styles of back then to come back and well they did—sort of. The film that did it is 2022’s Marry Me starring iconic rom com queen Jennifer Lopez (Kat), and the king of “wow” Owen Wilson (Charlie). The plot is cheesy: Kat (a popular singer) finds her fiance Bastian is cheating on her, and she marries Charlie (a fan).

The first thing that needs to be said about Marry Me is that it’s technically a musical. It has original songs that appear in the movie and are sung by the characters. The titular song, sung by Jennifer Lopez and Maluma is the most popular followed by Lopez’s solo “On My Way.” The best song is “Church”, sung by Lopez; it’s very fun and makes you want to dance. “Marry Me” and “On My Way” are good and tons of fun to listen to, but they aren’t the best. The rest of the original soundtrack is worth a listen to as well.

There isn’t much to the plot of the film: It’s simple and doesn’t need to be any more than that. I won’t get into spoilers obviously, but it pretty much follows standard rom-com protocol. The performances are surprisingly good, Owen Wilson is the clear standout and Jennifer Lopez is great as well. The supporting performances are also fun; Sarah Silverman is very funny, John Bradley does what he has to do, and Maluma is the worst but he’s still fine. The comedy is good but cheesy, and very well balanced against the emotional scenes.

The technical aspects of the movie are also pretty good. The costume design is wonderful, especially Kat’s poofy, sparkly, slightly gold stage wedding dress. The cinematography is nothing special but it doesn’t really need to be. For a movie centered on original songs, the score is really well done: it’s charming and relaxing and reminds me of something from a Disney movie. Everything behind the scenes works together to make a great looking and feeling film on screen.

The cheese of the script works well, and it’s not like other recent rom-coms that make you cringe with some of the humor (Kissing Booth trilogy, and anything Noah Centineo is in) and actually makes you laugh. There’s never really a moment that feels uncomfortable or forced, and everything flows well together. There’s also no unnecessary plotlines like some rom-coms have. Everything is related to the central plot and that’s really refreshing to see. There’s nothing in this movie that doesn’t work for some reason, it’s very well made and enjoyable.

If you enjoy rom coms, Jennifer Lopez, or just want to have a fun time this movie is definitely one to check out. It’s well made and super enjoyable. Overall I think it’s an 8/10, and I would not be upset if “Church” or the titular song showed up at next year’s Oscars.