Should Class Change Time Be Longer?


Morgan Brown

Lexington, KY. Meredith Kirby walking through the hallway on her way to class

Right now, Lafayette gives students seven minutes in between classes. Most students believe it should be longer. We asked three individuals what they thought about longer passing times. This is what they said:

The first student we talked with was LeighAnn Speakman, a sophomore at Lafayette. She said, “If I’m in math, then I can’t get to science in seven minutes.” She stated that when one class is downstairs on one side of the building, it’s challenging to get upstairs to the other. When asked how long she thought it should be, she said ten minutes because then it gives her time to get to the other side of the building- and even possibly have time to go to the bathroom.

The next student we talked to was Abby Winkler, a Lafayette sophomore. She agreed that the amount of time should be extended. She said, “It would make it easier because there’s too many people in the school, and the hallways are crowded so it takes a while.” When asked how long it should be extended, she also said it should be ten minutes because seven minutes stresses everyone out.

The final student we spoke with was Sasha Jacobs, a Lafayette sophomore. She agreed that the period of time between classes should be extended. She said, “sometimes classrooms move unexpectedly, and by the time you get to the new classroom, you’ll be late.” Sometimes teachers’ classes are in the library or the cafeteria, and they put signs on their doors by the time you get to the original classroom to find a note on the door, it might take a few extra minutes to get to the new classroom. She also said, “When there’s heavy traffic in the hallways, and only seven minutes from one class to another, it’s not the students’ fault if they’re late.” When asked how long she thinks the time should be extended, she also said ten minutes.

Should class change time be longer? These students think yes. They think it should be extended to ten minutes instead of seven. Maybe the administrators can consider the scenarios mentioned and make the class change to ten minutes.