Classic Scary Movies: Have You Seen These?


Logan Gwynn

This display shows different merchandise from the Halloween franchise.

Do you like finding scary activities to do during Halloween time? Watching scary movies can give you quite a fright if you find the right ones. It’s a straightforward activity that doesn’t require much planning and doesn’t require too much money. This is a list of classic movies that are scary but provide entertainment and a fun, easy, spooky activity.

The oldest movie on this list is Halloween (1978). This is one of the best classic horror movies of all time. I mention this movie because a new Halloween movie, Halloween Ends, is coming out on October 14th, 2022. So if you can watch some of the original films before October 14th, you can understand the story between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Alyssa Lucas, a freshman at Lafayette High School, states “I like it because it’s scary and I like all the plot twists.” In total, there are 12 movies, and soon to be 13 once the new Halloween comes out. It has a great storyline, and the movie has a lot of spin-offs that you could watch that show other stories with Michael Myers. Overall, this movie is a good, classic movie that can give you a scare.

Another classic slasher movie is Scream (1996). This is another movie that is having its final movie release. This movie is my favorite movie of all time. The same with the last one, Halloween, if you get the chance to watch the movies, all five plus the sixth one coming out, it will give you a good understanding of the upcoming film. This movie franchise follows a teenager (Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell) who grows up through the movies but gets attacked by a different person in each movie dressed up in a Ghostface mask. She loses people around her and slowly develops into a stronger person who battles Ghostface every few years. She will not be in Scream 6, but fans still hope for an excellent ending to the franchise.

The last slasher-type movie on this list is I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997). This movie follows a group of teenagers followed by a killer because of the previous summer events. It is another excellent teen horror movie that has you on the edge of your seat, not knowing who the next victim will be. Isabella Dietzel, a freshman at Lafayette High School, states, “The plot is really good, and it has a good cliffhanger that can very easily lead into a sequel. I love the overall style of the movie because it is very entertaining and draws you in.” There are two movies in this franchise. The second movie is titled I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. It is pretty much your stereotypical group of teens, but the plot and setting of this movie stand out from others because of all the details you must remember and how intricate each little detail is. Overall, it’s a great murder mystery that keeps you interested the whole way through.

This next film is a nice break from scarier movies. Gremlins (1984) is a good, entertaining movie, and it can be scary depending on the person but still a good movie overall. This has also been considered a Christmas movie because the setting of it is during Christmas. It is kind of a sci-fi movie with the “cutest” creatures. A boy gets one of these pets from his hard-working dad, an inventor salesman. Then everything goes bad after the boy can’t follow the three simple rules given to him to take care of his new pet, Gizmo. There is a second film in this franchise where the story continues in New York City, titled Gremlins 2: The New Batch. This movie franchise was very famous and is still very well known for its unique plot and loveable character Gizmo.

Another movie that is a very scary movie for Halloween time is Hell House LLC. (2015). This is more of a recent horror movie, but it has a unique filming style. It is a found-footage horror movie. This style is similar to movies like Blair Witch Project (1999), Paranormal Activity (2007), The Visit (2015), and Creep (2014). When watching this movie, you must be ready for some big scares. This movie follows a group of young adults who want to set up a haunted house in Abaddon, NY. They go there because of a haunted hotel with a scary backstory to make a haunted attraction. Then things slowly start getting worse and worse through the making of this haunted house. If you’re brave enough to watch this movie, you can maybe solve the unexplained events that occurred in the haunted attraction. Isabella Dietzel states, “It is in the top two most terrifying movies I have ever seen.” There are three films in this franchise currently, Hell House LLC ll: The Abaddon Hotel (2018), Hell House LLC lll: Lake of Fire (2019). This movie series is great for scare seekers.

These are just a few examples of movies that are good for Halloween and to frighten you. This list has some movies and genres for Halloween. There are, of course, more movies you can watch, but these are mostly classics. Some movies are scary, some are thrilling, and some are comedy thrillers. If you get scared easily, then watch thrillers or comedy horrors.