Does Lafayette Really Accommodate Our Needs?


Addison Trimble

The elevator at Lafayette High School 10/19

Lafayette High School claims to be inclusive for all. While this can be true in some cases, they could put more effort into accommodating the needs of students. We do have elevators, therapists, and other 504 needs and requests. They tend to restrict these and not fully use them.

It’s hard to provide for someone who doesn’t let you know they need help. I agree with Chloe Beal’s statement, “a kid won’t get help if they don’t want it.” However, in some cases, they need someone to show them help.

As a Lafayette High School student, I see the staff trying to take mental health more seriously with the Take Care Tuesday videos and therapists. Mental health and physical health are equally important.

I’m starting to notice a trend while being in Lafayette, where teachers are just doing the minimum. What I mean by that is, for example, I have to leave early from some classes because I have to use an elevator. I have, on many occasions, been deprived of that. I don’t know why teachers say no. Maybe it’s because they don’t understand or just don’t care. To add to this discussion, Chloe Beall said, “I feel that when I ask to use the elevator, they dismiss my needs.”

Another thing Lafayette staff do not take into consideration is when we do fire drills or natural disaster drills. Some might struggle with these drills or have to use the elevator, which can be very difficult in a chaotic environment. I think to help this would be to prepare the students and update the 504 plans yearly. We currently have random fire drills with no warnings, which can cause some students to have anxiety attacks, and some students can’t physically evacuate the building fast enough.

I wish to see improvements in our safety being insured and needs being accommodated with no questions asked. I’m not saying every staff member here is the same, but we can always do better by advocating for the students in need and simply listening and observing. This is just one of many things that can be improved with a simple motivation to make a difference for everyone to feel safe and provided for.