How Old Is Too Old to Go Trick or Treating?


Emma Taylor

Ms. Smith dressed as a minion for Halloween at school

Many teens ask this question as the Halloween season approaches. Many think they may be too old to go trick-or-treating, while others say you can never be too old. Halloween is still a fun holiday.

The early Americans first invented trick-or-treating, borrowing European traditions to try to bond within communities. Kids began to dress up and go from house to house, asking for food and money. The idea of asking for food came from All Souls Day celebrations and parades in England.

Young women also believed that on October 31st, they could influence their husbands to make decisions in their favor by doing tricks with yarn, apples, and mirrors. In the late 1800s, however, Halloween turned from all these traditions and became more like how we know it today. Children now often dress up as their favorite characters. Although they no longer ask for money, they go around their neighborhoods collecting enough candy to give themselves a stomach ache.

Teenagers’ stance on Trick-or-Treating seems to change in high school, though. Some high schoolers debate that you are never too old to trick or treat, while others say that even middle schoolers are too old to participate. According to some polls, most teenagers stop trick-or-treating between 12 and 16. Some adults disapprove of teenagers’ trick or treating because they think teenagers will wear revealing costumes or harass younger kids. As long as you dress and conduct yourself appropriately, age should not be an issue.

Some think teenagers should no longer go trick-or-treating once they reach a certain age because it is only for younger kids. Sophomore Chance Howard debates that even when you are older, it is still acceptable to go trick-or-treating. Chance also explained how he no longer goes trick or treating, partially because of the pandemic. Instead, his family hosts a party while the younger children in the families attending go trick or treating in the neighborhood. Halloween parties are very common nowadays. Freshman Emily Ackerman added, “Trick-or-treating is fun and shouldn’t be limited to a certain age.” They said although they no longer go trick-or-treating, they still like to put on a costume and hand out candy.

In the interview, Chance responded to the question, “If someone appears younger than they are, is it still appropriate for them to go trick or treating until an older age?” He responded, “As long as someone can get away with it, they should.” Emily agreed with his point, saying, “Very much so. Take advantage when you can.” It seems as if most students agree with this opinion that as long as you are having fun, it doesn’t matter what age you are.

So, in conclusion, the only person who can put an age limit on trick or treating is yourself. As long as you are appropriate and respectful to others, you can celebrate the holiday in any way you would like. So, what are you doing for Halloween?