Lexington Thoroughbreds Ice Hockey

Lexington, KY. Lexington Thoroughbreds celebrating after they scored a goal.

Did you know that there is a high school hockey team in Lexington? The Lexington Thoroughbreds hockey team comprises players from every high school in the area, including Lafayette. Many people in Lexington have yet to learn there is an ice rink in town, not to mention hockey teams.
The Central Kentucky Hockey Association provides youth ice hockey programs for kids of all ages in the area. There used to be several high school teams in Lexington, including teams from Lafayette, Dunbar, and Henry Clay.
Now all the high school-age players come together to play for the Lexington Thoroughbreds under the parent association of the Central Kentucky Hockey Association. The Varsity team competes in the Kentucky High School Hockey League and a few tournaments.
Last year the team traveled to Michigan to play games at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. They also played games at outdoor rinks during their Michigan trip. During the holiday break this year, the team plans on playing games in Buffalo, New York. Players from Lafayette High School include Luca Wilkinson and Elijah Young, whom I asked a couple of questions about the team.
Luca Wilkinson is a player for the Varsity team who has played for ten years. When asked what he liked about playing hockey, he said he liked the memories he made and will make with his teammates.
In addition to the Varsity hockey team, there is also a JV hockey team in Lexington. The JV team competes in the Cincinnati High School Hockey League. In addition to games in Kentucky and Ohio, the JV team plans to compete in a tournament in Knoxville, Tennessee this season.
Reyna Radhakrishnan is a hockey player who also goes to Lafayette. She has played for seven years and loves the pace and the quick thinking of the game. Reyna also likes that people support her on and off the ice. She believes her teammates will always be there when she needs help.
Elijah is also a player for the team. He has played for about 12 years and is excited about the season. He stated, “My favorite part of being on the team is hanging out with the boys and doing things as a team.” When asked why he likes to play hockey, Elijah said, “I play it because I love the challenge and the competition it consistently provides for me.”
So when can you watch a game? The Varsity Lexington Thoroughbreds take on St. Xavier High School on December 6th at the Lexington Ice Center at 7:30 PM. The JV Thoroughbreds play Northern Kentucky on December 3rd at the Lexington Ice Center at 9:45 AM.
Come to the Lexington Ice Center on 560 Eureka Springs Dr, cheer for our skating Generals, and support our local high school hockey players.