Addressing Lafayette’s Vaping Issue


Sasha Jacobs

Lexington, KY. A ‘no-smoking’ sign displayed in the girl’s bathroom at Lafayette High School.

Anyone who’s gone into one of our school’s public bathrooms has seen students’ excessive use of nicotine products. These products are prohibited because of their damaging health risks and intoxicating effects. However, it’s obvious students have found ways to bypass these restrictions.

Not only is nicotine highly addictive, but it’s also been known to cause long-term lung disease and vaping-induced pneumonia. Because vaping is such a new issue, scientists are still learning about other long-term effects it can have on the body. But there are other potential risks, like exploding batteries used in some e-cigarette devices. Lithium batteries are prone to overheating and can cause 2nd, and even 3rd degree burns to a user.

We anonymously interviewed 50 Lafayette students to see how many have used nicotine products on school property.

76% of students said no, they have never vaped on school property, while 4% said they had, but not on school grounds. 20% of students admitted to finding ways to bring these devices into school and using their nicotine products in school at least once.

A student, who will be kept anonymous, replied no and stated, “It’s bad for you. I just don’t like it; I’m just not interested in it.” They explained that it’s never been something they were tempted to try, and they want to stay far away from the many health risks associated with vaping.

Another student, whose name will also be kept private, replied yes, and said, “I saw other people doing it, and I grew up around people doing drugs.” They explained that seeing so many people constantly using different substances around them led them to be curious and eventually try it themself.

Overall, it seems most students who could get their hands on vapes were able to bring them into school without much issue. Security staff are only asked to search for weapons but to report all other contraband. But, If students have found ways to get these strictly prohibited items into school, what else could be hiding in students’ bags?

We want to encourage Lafayette students to make good choices and avoid all nicotine products on and off campus. Anyone looking to quit, visit for more information and tips to help you become nicotine free.