Christmas Traditions


Addison Trimble

Addison, a Lafayette student, puts up this tree every year for Christmas.

Christmas is a well-known holiday many people celebrate. However, everyone can celebrate Christmas differently. Some families are heavy on traditions, and others not so much. My family has the tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree for the year. We also visit family on Christmas day, and we do our small family brunch and trade gifts on Christmas Eve. Also, starting this year I’m hosting a friend’s Christmas dinner, where I’ll be hosting Christmas dinner for my friends, and I hope to continue that tradition.

Christmas traditions vary depending on their religion. For the people who aren’t as religious, like Christmas as a fun holiday who celebrate for the fun decorations and gifts. While others might celebrate it for the birth of Jesus Christ, putting up a nativity scene for the remembrance of Jesus Christ. There are many different religious practices instead of Christmas, for example, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Las Posadas.

When we asked Chloe Beall what Christmas traditions she usually practiced, she responded, β€œOn Christmas day, I visit both my mom and dad’s side of the family for Christmas dinner and to open gifts. Then once it’s the night, we all huddle around a campfire and listen to Christmas music.”

I then interviewed Kalisa Watson, asking the same question, and she responded, β€œI go down to my hometown in Kacey, where all my family is for winter break. We go sleigh riding down the big hills and make hot chocolate. Then on Christmas day, we open presents in our pajamas in the morning.” Just by asking two people, you can see how different everyone celebrates Christmas in their ways.

I love Christmas, and I know others do too. It’s a great time to visit family and catch up with loved ones; it’s probably my favorite holiday.