Preparing LHS Students for Success

LHS cafeteria during the 4th block study hall. Groups of students work together.

Have you ever thought about the education you or someone else is receiving? Many people have, and for good reasons. We have many classes in schools that could replace teaching basic life skills such as buying a home, paying taxes, and many other skills.

Understanding taxes greatly reduces the likelihood of making mistakes of ignorance. Plus, having good basic knowledge helps you avoid not only difficulties but also avoid missing deductions. So why wouldn’t we have classes to teach high school students this necessity?

Neglecting to teach teens how to do taxes can lead to great consequences. For example, teaching students to file taxes and the consequences of not paying taxes. Teaching students how the tax system works may also give them more clarity on preventing future tax issues. Government classes can also teach about tax relief processes if an issue arises.

Parent education reduces the risk of child abuse and neglect by encouraging positive parenting practices that promote safety, well-being, and permanency for children and families. Parenting classes can help parents learn more about what to expect in the coming years and prepare for each developmental stage. Since confidence, decisive parents tend to raise confident, secure children, parenting classes can provide a much-needed skill set and help decrease anxiety.

More parenting classes could also be beneficial to teens. More and more teen pregnancies keep popping up, and without abortions being legal, we need to teach teens how to raise a child and get help managing their high school classes. Most teens don’t take parenting classes for many reasons. It could be because they are uncomfortable, their parents, etc.

All of this being said, the point is clear: we need to have more beneficial classes for teens attending high schools worldwide. These classes would replace less important classes and could even be considered mandatory for seniors since most already have their requirements to graduate.