A Day in the Life of Dr. Field


Liv Harbour

Lafayette Assistant Principal Dr. Field in action

Here at Lafayette, our administration and staff do a lot for us and our school. We as students need to respect them and all they do.

Dr. Field is our assistant principal in her first year at Lafayette. We interviewed her asking some questions to get to know her a little better, to understand what her days look like.

We wanted to dive more into her personal life than just her schoollife. We know our teachers have lives outside of school, but what does it look like?

Dr. Field stated, “Busy. I make sure I have time for me every day, I get up super early and go to the gym every day so [that] after school I can devote all my time to my kids and husband.” Dr. Field definitely has a busy schedule not only at school but after, as well, as she keeps up with her family’s activities.

We wondered how she delegates her workload and whether school work affects her personal life. “I have a hard time not working, especially when I’m supposed to be with my family but find myself doing work.” This just goes to show how much she really has to do.
During school we see Dr. Field everywhere, in the hallways, in her office but what does she really do? “My duties vary on a daily basis depending on what the students need at the time. There’s a lot of discipline every day, but usually just whatever comes my way.”

Knowing her focus is on student needs, we then asked what her life was like at work, she stated, “Hectic but in a good way. I never know what’s going to happen or what I’m walking into for the day, but I kinda love that.” It’s good to know our staff and administrators love what they do.

In school, they always teach us to have goals and to stick with them so what are Dr. Field’s goals? “My goal is to always support teachers. My job is to [make sure] the teachers can do theirs.”

I think it’s great that she wants her peers and coworkers to succeed and perform better. This is something we all need to learn and follow.

We asked her how she feel sat the end of the day?“Exhausted, but like I have accomplished something.” This should be how everyone feels at the end of the day, especially Dr. Field, she deserves the satisfaction of accomplishment considering all the things she does.

After this interview with Dr. Field, I feel more compassionate and respectful of all she does and who she is. She does a lot for this school and for the students and staff. We all appreciate her and all the administrators that work to keep this school a safe and secure place to learn.