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The Student News Site of Lafayette High School

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The Student News Site of Lafayette High School

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Harry Styles: Love On Tour

Hary Styles 2023 tour announcement poster, uploaded to Instagram via his story and a post.

In late 2021, pop singer Harry Styles embarked on his nearly two-year tour, “Love On Tour”. Within these two years, he visited arenas, stadiums, and venues all over the world. A few places all over the world include The Kia Forum, Madison Square Garden, Wembley Stadium, United Center, Ibrox Stadium, O2 Arena, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Marvel Stadium, Slane Castle and so many more.

With over 5 million tickets sold, Styles sold out multiple stadiums, arenas, and venues. This is the highest-grossing tour that Harry Styles has been on, ranking number 5 on the highest-grossing tour list. With 169 shows, each show had an average gross of $3.65 million per show, and the entire tour had a total gross of $617.3 million.

During the duration of this tour, Styles received two banners for 15 consecutive sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden (The Garden), and The Kia Forum. During his final show at The Garden, Styles played a song from his debut album, “Ever Since New York”, for the first time in five years.

Styles played 4 sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium during June of 2023. On the final night, he once again played a song from his debut album, one he hadn’t played in 5 years. The song was “Sweet Creature”, which he dedicated to his sister Gemma before playing it.

Fans were ecstatic after his album “Harry’s House” came out and more tour shows were announced. But, not only for the new shows but for the change in the setlist that was bound to come. When fans discovered that a few favorite songs didn’t make the cut, some were slightly disappointed but still happy to be able to hear new songs, and some old ones, live.

Some of the many songs that didn’t make the new setlist were “She”, “Carolina”, “Canyon Moon”, “Fine Line”, “Only Angel”, “Falling”, “Sunflower, Vol. 6”, “Woman”, and “Cherry”. With these changes, there was bound to be some disappointment, and there was. But during later legs of the tour, Styles brought back a few songs like “She”, “Fine Line”, and “Canyon Moon”.

During the final leg of the tour, Styles began singing One Direction’s “Stockholm Syndrome”, and often teased the intro of One Direction’s song “Best Song Ever” before singing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ in its entirety.

But on the final night of the tour, he sang “Best Song Ever” fully, along with teasing his song “Two Ghosts”, but not singing it fully. Styles then sang “Falling”, a song from his hit album “Fine Line”.

On January 29th and February 1st, Styles had two birthday shows. His birthday was on February 1st, and he decided he wanted to spend it doing what he loved, and played at a smaller venue in Palm Springs, California.

With the cancellation of shows for various reasons, such as a mall shooting, and the COVID-19 pandemic, many fans became disappointed. But despite it all, Styles’ still made sure to put his everything into performing for the people who love him. Despite getting sick a few times, Styles managed to get through some shows before having to cancel later ones.

When it came to the final show of the tour, Styles sure did have some tricks up his sleeve, but there’s one thing that made the ending of this tour special. After Styles went off stage, he came back a few minutes later after his crew set up a piano on stage and he played a nine-minute instrumental outro song that he wrote especially for the ending of Love On Tour.

When ending this tour, you could tell how much this experience meant not only to his fans but to Styles and his band. Watching this tour grow and become the big thing that it has was amazing to watch and I hope to do it again soon.

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