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The Student News Site of Lafayette High School

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The Student News Site of Lafayette High School

The Lafayette Times

Pros and Cons of A and B Day Schedule

Mirabel Anderson
Image of Lafayette students A day and B day schedule

At Lafayette High School, we have a class schedule that consists of A days and B days. A typical schedule for a student includes four classes per day. Out of these eight total classes, four are core classes and four are electives classes. The Lafayette Times interviewed a sophomore, Ethan Abrams, attending Lafayette, on what he thinks of the A day B day schedule.

Pros to an A-day B-day Schedule…

The A-day B-day schedule at Lafayette consists of many pros. First, it can allow students to have more time to complete their assignments and any homework given during the school week. ”I do like it because it allows for more variation in your days so you’re not doing the same thing and taking the same classes over and over again. Also it can allow you more time to complete your homework,” Abrams said.

Also, the schedule can help keep students engaged. “It allows you to focus on one class’s homework and you have an extra day to complete the assignments,” commented Abrams. Because the students won’t have the same classes every single school day, they have less of a chance of getting tired and bored of their classes and can be more focused on the classes they have each day.

With the A and B day schedule, you can also take more classes. This also means you have the chance to take more electives. Given this opportunity, students can explore more of their interests and possibly find future careers that they like. “I think the more the better because they allow you to get a variety of classes and they make school more fun. I like how you’re able to explore your interests more and find out what you may be interested in doing in the future,” added Abrams.

Cons to an A-day B-day schedule…

While the schedule has many pros, there are some cons that students at Lafayette experience with the schedule. One con is it can become overwhelming to have 8 classes. This is because while taking so many classes you could have a very heavy workload. Another con with the A and B day schedule is it could be confusing for freshmen and even some upperclassmen to keep up with. Some possible solutions to this issue would be to establish helpful organizational skills to keep you on track and organized during the school year.

While there are a few cons to the A and B day schedule, overall it is very helpful to students since it allows them to spend more time on their assignments, take more classes, and have longer class periods to focus on work.

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Katelyn Conrad
Katelyn Conrad, Staff Writer
Katelyn Conrad is a sophomore at Lafayette, and this is her second year writing for The Times. She is also a member of the Lafayette Student Council. Outside of writing, she enjoys listening to music, baking, and running for the Lafayette cross-country and track team. Katelyn is excited to be a writer for the Lafayette Times again this year.
Mirabel Anderson
Mirabel Anderson, Staff Writer
Mirabel Anderson is a sophomore at Lafayette and is writing for The Times for a second year. Her favorite genre of articles to write are arts and features. Outside of Journalism, she is involved in technical theatre and architecture. In her free time, she enjoys skating, baking, and spending time with family.