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The Student News Site of Lafayette High School

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Skincare Tips

cynthia Guevara
Skin care tips poster. Made by Cynthia Guevara on 5/02/2024.

The way our skin looks can sometimes affect our mental state. Figuring out what works best for our skin can cause constant frustration, anger, and sadness. Some people have acne, oily, or dry skin and don’t know how to fix their problem properly. Since everyone’s skin is different, there are different solutions to everyone’s problem. I will share skincare tips to help you become more confident in your skin and deal with any skin problems you may be going through.

There are many myths circling the internet that people will fall for and try, unbeknownst to them, that they are ruining their skin and harming it for the worse. You must be careful when looking at new skincare trends because everyone has different skin. Some people have sensitive skin, acne-prone, dry, oil, or a combination. Skincare can be complicated since you must use every product you use correctly, or it won’t provide the correct result, or you can ruin your skin even further. You have to find products to target what you want to eliminate or fix, such as wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, bumps, etc.

Many skincare methods exist that were created by dermatologists to help properly heal the skin barrier and help reduce and clear acne. Skin cycling is a method created by Dr.Whitney Bowe, a board-certified dermatologist. It is a four-night skincare routine that involves alternating between active ingredients and letting the skin rest to heal. Skin cycling has four stages: the first exfoliation night, the next retinol night, and then it’s followed by two recovery nights. This method aims to avoid irritating the skin and your skin barrier with harsh chemicals while still reaping their benefits. The recovery nights in this routine cause there to be time for the skin to heal and not dry out or irritate because too many uses of active ingredients can end up harming the skin.

There is a step in your morning skincare routine no one should skip, which is sunscreen. Sunscreen is an essential product that is not deemed important by many teens and adults. Sunscreen is crucial to avoid wrinkles, skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, etc. Most people think that all sunscreen does is prevent wrinkles, which causes them to think that since it’ll be a long time until they hit 40, it doesn’t matter. Sunscreen is not only for wrinkles but is made to protect the skin from getting skin cancer. No skincare routine will work as long as you don’t wear sunscreen. Sun rays can still get through to your skin; even indoors, you must wear sunscreen daily. Sun rays have a largely negative effect on acne-prone skin. They can cause acne to worsen and hyperpigmentation to increase.

How you wash your face is more important than it’s deemed to be. It’s better to rinse your face in the morning, not wash it with cleanser. While you are sleeping, your face replenishes itself. Washing your face in the morning undoes your body’s work while sleep occurs. When you wear makeup and sunscreen, you must double cleanse to eliminate all the makeup and sunscreen deep in your pores. If you don’t properly remove it, all your pores will be clogged, which leads to breakouts, and your skincare won’t penetrate your skin because your pores are clogged.

A proper way to fully cleanse is to double cleanse. What is double cleansing? Double cleansing is done with a cleanser twice to remove all the dirt and makeup on the face throughout the day. First, go in with an oil or a balm cleanser and move it softly around your face for 1 minute to make sure you deeply remove everything. Then, you proceed to wash it off and cleanse it with a gel cleanser. Rubbing the cleanser softly for a minute ensures you fully remove the makeup first. You must ensure you properly rinse off and leave no cleanser residue.

Many people mix active ingredients and use too many products, not knowing it’s too much for the skin. The skin needs simple steps in the morning and night. The morning routine should consist of a hydrating serum (for hydration), a Vitamin C serum (for dark spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, etc.), a moisturizer (to hydrate and lock everything onto the skin), and then sunscreen (to protect from sun rays). The nighttime skincare routine should be a retinoid followed up with a moisturizer.

Your skin may frustrate you, but taking a break and being calm is important. Sometimes, it’s not about the product you put on your face but an imbalance of hormones, a reaction to stuff you may be eating, or even stress. Instead of following fluffy brands on TikTok or trying out new trendy products, research on the web information backed by licensed professionals instead of influencers who may be getting paid to sell you a product.

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