Snow Days: Yea or Nay?


Elke Coenders, Features Editor

It’s the season of cold, snow, and snow days. Tons of snow days. Most students anticipate the arrival of snow days with open arms, but there are some drawbacks to these days off. Snow days are certainly necessary, but should you be hoping for them or dreading them?


Snow days are not only needed, they are convenient and enjoyable. Snow days provide a day off of school for students and teachers. This can provide stress relief and time for sleep, which is key to health and which many students and teachers are deprived of.

The extra time can also be used to work ahead on homework and study for tests. Snow days give students an entire day to catch up on work, lightening the school load and helping their grades.

It is hard to deny that snow days are a pleasurable occasion. They give students a day to relax. Although this pro is not necessary for students, it is a welcome luxury, allowing students to spend time with family and have fun.

Many people argue that snow days take away from the summer vacation. However, snow days are simply summer vacation days spread into wintertime. Therefore, summer days do not disappear, they are only moved into a time where days off are positive.


Snow days are untimely breaks that cause interruptions. These breaks may seem nice in the moment, but they end up throwing off schedules and extending the school year.

Many classes are pre-scheduled. Teachers have mapped out the plan for every day, which can get messed up with snow days.

Also, snow days are often used up on the wrong days. The first two snow days Fayette County has had in 2018 have not involved any snow. This forecast error is inconvenient because when schools really are in need of a snow day, the district school board may be stingy with them.

Snow days are problematic for households with children who aren’t old enough to stay home alone. Parents must take off from work or spend money for a babysitter. Also, some students may only get their meals at school. If they miss school, they will miss a meal.

Another problem that comes with snow days are make-up days. They take time out of summer vacation. Instead of a large block of vacation time in which the weather is optimal, vacation days are reduced to snow days, forcing students to stay indoors.

Snow days are always expected when it comes to winter. While they are needed for transportation reasons, mixed emotions often come with them. Snow days may be fun in the moment, but they also create inconveniences in the future. Do you think snow days are a good or bad thing? Voice your opinion in the comments.