Blankets at Lafayette?


Katy Cornish, Staff writer

Due to the frigid temperatures, students are bundling up in warm coats and hats. However, some of Lafayette students have been using blankets, instead of jackets.

Many teachers do not like this new trend because it can be categorized as a distraction. The blankets create a perfect environment for sleep, and students bundled up in one might be tempted to take a nap in class. Since carrying a blanket at school is not a required school supply, many teachers think the blankets are unnecessary.  It can also be a hygiene issue as the blankets drag on the dirty floor when they get used, and the dirt can end up on faces, clothing, and desks that other must use.

The cruel reality is that some families can’t afford nice jackets for their kids, so blankets are the next best thing. It is sometimes easier to purchase a $10 blanket compared to a $50 jacket. ¬†They are not banned, as of yet, so it is not an issue as of now. However, some teachers dislike this idea so much that it could be in the near future.