KUNA 2018


Katy Cornish, Staff Writer

Students in the Y-Club participated in the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA), a conference in which students are able to participate in a simulated international diplomacy meeting, held in Louisville, KY. It lasts three days and it offers students the opportunity to experience a mock United Nations assembly and meet new people. Lafayette participated in the event from March 11th to March 13th with Jeremy Burba, Brison Harvey, and Sherri McPherson as sponsors. Students act as ambassadors to represent their designated countries. They do this by dressing in cultural attire, participating in the Parade of Nations, and performing on the International Stage.

This year, Lafayette represented Costa Rica and South Korea. For Costa Rica, the students discussed creating a tribunal for the overcrowding of prisons and for South Korea, they proposed a grant for the reduction of automobile pollution. Participants had to follow a business attire dress code, however when out of group meetings, they were allowed to dress more causally. All of the participating students had a good time representing Lafayette and creating solutions for their countries.

Our Lafayette students received recognition for their hard work and dedication to the debate process:

Outstanding Ambassador: Anne Elizabeth Forker

Outstanding Speaker: Claire Qian

Outstanding Advocate: Nicholas Skidmore

Elected KUNA 2019 Editor-in-chief: Audrey Fields

Delegation of Excellence

Global Village Honorable Mention