House Republicans Reverse Bevin’s Budget Cuts


Tierian Lawhon, Staff Writer

Republican Governor of  Kentucky, Matt Bevin, has proposed budget cuts that would save money, but would shut many Kentucky schools down.

The proposal, now in the hands of legislators, would shift millions of dollars in transportation and health insurance costs to local school districts and eliminate state funding for several programs, including some offering educator training, and erase a $16.7 million annual outlay for textbooks and instructional materials. Basically, Kentucky schools may not have enough money to pay teachers, get new equipment, use the same equipment, let alone function.

Despite your political view, it seems that in this case House Republicans are looking out for students. In March, The House Republicans planned to tax opioids and other pharmaceutical drugs by 25 cents, and cigarettes for 50 cents. Opioids are a class of drugs that include the illegal drug heroin. Synthetic opioids, and pain relievers are available legally by prescription. This could help Kentucky’s Opioid addiction, which is the addiction to opioid oriented drugs, illegal or legal. This is said to raise over 500 million dollars over the next two years.

Hopefully this budget issue is resolved sooner rather than later before there are more serious problems.