Love, Simon Review


Nathan Elsensohn, News Editor

Love, Simon is a breakthrough film in America, and worldwide. This is a heartfelt movie about a teen who has one huge secret, he’s gay. The movie was released on Friday March, 16th and has gone on to gross over twenty-three million dollars.

Love, Simon follows Simon Spier and his three best friends Leah, Nick, and Abby. An anonymous email surfaces on the school rumor blog announcing that the student who wrote the email is gay. Simon makes a fake email to contact the student anonymously and tell him he is also gay. When another student finds these emails on a school computer he screenshots them and uses the images to blackmail Simon to help him talk to his friend Abby. In the process of helping his blackmailer and finding his first true love Simon hurts and lies to the people he loves the most.

Simon must resolve all of the problems he created by making one terrifying and life-changing decision. This movie is great for anyone to see, ranging from preteens to adults. This is a film that can help people overcome their biases. This movie was a major risk for FOX studios to take on, investing over seventeen million dollars into a LGBTQ movie that a chunk of biased American citizens won’t see. We see that their risk has paid off with over six million dollars profit in just over two weeks. This movie was also a score for up and coming actor, Nick Robinson, who was recently a main actor in Jurassic World and now another hit movie.

Overall I would rate this movie as a 9.5/10 and would recommend it to anyone old enough to see it.