The Junior Class Presents “Enchanted Gardens”

The Junior Class Presents Enchanted Gardens

Katy Cornish, Staff Writer

Lafayette High School’s prom is being held on April 14. The theme is Enchanted Gardens, and it will be held at the Carrick House in downtown Lexington.

The AOK club held a prom dress drive, for those who could not purchase their own dress. This way every girl can dress up and enjoy their night. Prom is for juniors and seniors along with their dates which may be from other grades or schools. Guest contracts, which are required for outside students, are due by March 30th.

Prom started out as a college “extravaganza” and worked it’s way down to the high school level to the event we know today. Prom is short for promenade, which is a formal dance. Traditionally, boys wear tuxedos or suits, while girls wear long dresses or ballgowns. Before the dance, the male students would bring the girls corsages, and the girls would give the boys boutonnieres. However, these traditions are no longer enforced.

This year, the junior class is presenting prom. For the week of March 26-30th, tickets cost $30. However, April 9-13th, the tickets are $35. At the door, the tickets are $40. The setup of prom requires an extremely large amount of work. From the decorations, to the lights, to the music. Each aspect of prom is crucial to the experience of the students.