FAQ: School Days

Rebecca Bishop, Arts/Club editor

In light of the recent dismissal for Friday 13th, 2018, many parents and students fear how this missing day will effect the rest of the school year. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions, with their answers:

  • How will this effect the last day of school? This day will not be made up by students. March 30th, Friday.


  • Why is this day excused? The Kentucky Attendance Law states, “‘Student instructional year means at least one thousand sixty-two (1,062) hours of instructional time for students delivered on not less than one hundred seventy (170) student attendance days.” We have surpassed this number of days.


  • How many days are in a normal school year? The school year has a set 177 days. Seven extra days are set aside for snow days.


  • How will this effect teachers? They will have to make this day up. Teachers must fulfill a total of 180 days.


  • How many more days are left of school? Thirty school days.