Girls Lacrosse


Hannah Sever, Staff Writer

Girls Lacrosse is new to Lafayette this year and has had success in their season so far. There are  30-40 girls on the team and they practice Monday through Friday about two hours each day with some practices on weekends. Practices often vary because of other teams who might already have scheduled to use the field, such as football or baseball.

There are several seniors on the team that help the team run. Lacrosse has team bonding on and off the field. They usually go to a teammate’s house to hangout and get closer to one another. The team bonding is to help the team, when they play,  work more as a team in order to be more successful.

After their game is over, the whole team runs to the goalie and celebrates. The team has grown a lot since the season started and is only getting better. Girls Lacrosse is another team at Lafayette who works hard and is looking forward to the season and games ahead.