Track Season 2018


Hannah Sever, Staff Writer

Track season has already started and is very successful so far. Track is very competitive and everyone involved works hard to improve. I decided to speak to Coach Cory Spalding along with a Sophomore mid-distance runner and hurdler, Caroline Bernard, about the season so far.

According to Bernard, a typical practice consists of training and conditioning. Practice is every day, except Sunday, unless they are not competing in a meet. During training, jumpers, sprinters, and hurdlers practice together while mid distance and distance each practice separately. On Wednesdays, practice is called “hump, no slump day” because training is more difficult than usual.

“As a team we have grown as close friends and everyone has improved in their events. The coaches put in lots of time and effort into the well being of the runners and make us work hard. There is a lot of competition within the team but it pushes all of us to do better,” says Bernard about how the team has grown.

Coach Spalding is new to Lafayette Track this year. He says that Lafayette has won a few meets this year, but none that truly matter yet, and they are working on changing that. Lafayette Track is a very young team and all the underclassman have made great contributions as well as the few upperclassman.

About the team, Coach Spalding said, “We’ve had a couple important and close second place team finishes from our guys team this season; one at the indoor State Championships and another at the Fayette County Outdoor championships last week”. Likewise, the track team has had some atheletes stand out. Will Wharton, an upperclassman, is the #1 400 meter dash competitor in the state

When I asked Coach Spalding if he had been able to watch the team grow, he said that the team together still has a lot growing to do, however, they have developed a healthy work ethic and discipline to experience success.