Stressing Testing?


Jack Dillender , Editor-In-Chief

Here we go. End of the year testing. So much to worry about. Grades, missing assignments, and the biggest beast of all: final tests and exams. Not only are there finals to worry about, but there is AP tests and On-Demand writing, as well. With such a heavy schedule, what’s the best idea to keep up with all of it and get the best grades possible?

Missing Work?

Do all of your missing work. Seriously. Not only will it help your grade, but it will be a good refresher for your final exams as well. Doing these as soon as possible will help you in so many ways, even if it isn’t for full credit.

Freaking out?

I understand that testing is hard. School is hard. Life is hard. It’s just something to keep up with. The best thing to do is manage your stress. Find your weaknesses and harder classes and work on those. Looking over notes a few nights a week can really help keep the information in your head. If you overheat from stress, do something you like, in moderation. Go for a walk or go out for a bite to eat.

Lost Cause?

You are not a lost cause. Don’t give up on that big assignment just yet. Don’t stop reading because Fortnite was updated. Keep working, it will really help. If you can’t do that, try the internet. Youtube and Khan Academy are great study helpers with all of your subjects. Don’t get distracted. The summer is 20 days away from me writing this article. You’ve got it.

Final Advice

Just get some good rest, good breakfast, and try your best. I have written an article about the AP Lang test so if you need help with that, please look at it. Some of those tactics can help apply to other classes. That story can be found at