Archery Nationals 2018


Nia Brown, Staff Writer

In this particular sport, it takes a lot of practice, skills, and lots of patience. This year’s group goes to national this Saturday. Wish them luck!

The “All City Team” best shooters are Camden Hauch with an average of 289.9, Cole Murphy with an average 287.4, Aubrey Dawson with an average of 280.4, Natasha Hinton with a average of 279.6, Colin Ferguson with a average of 279.3.

“They have a very good chance of winning as long you don’t go in nervous,” says Coach Peters who has coached for 5 years. “This year was a great year of kids but sadly 20 Seniors graduated, but 20 Freshmen learned and took the role and also shot great.”

Anyone can do it, all you have to do is choose your dominate eye and shoot over and over, leading to success. Their banquet is on June 4,2018. They even have a camp for grades 4-8, on the 4th-7th of June. The archery team has won 28 tournaments, plus they won 8th in the nation for the category “bulls eye out” of 203 teams and 11th place for the nation for 3D/IBO out of 105 teams. Cole Murphy got 3rd in the nation-is USA NASP All Star and will shoot in Canada this summer vs. other countries. Aubrey Dawson was 6th overall at state tournament.