Arts Preview for Fall


Brent Comley, Staff Writer

Lafayette High School has many amazing opportunities for students interested in the arts. Students can join many general art subjects and for those who really shine, Lafayette has collaborated with the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA) to promote outstanding student artwork.

Wondering about what will happen next year regarding the arts, I decided to talk to my visual arts teacher, Mrs. Stofer. Mrs. Stofer teaches SCAPA visual arts as well as pottery. When asked about what she hopes for the next school year, she replied, “I do hope to help students find their own voice through art”. I also asked what she planned to teach for a successful next year. She commented, “I plan to teach students to learn more about the construction and its process”. She also stated, ” I also plan to expose them to artists that would further their style”.

As a Senior art student, I am amazed at the plethora of art studies provided by Lafayette. In my own experience I have learned the principles and elements of design and basic drawing skills. I’ve learned a variety of drawing skills, an understanding of shape, form, color, and value and advanced methods and techniques of painting using technical and expressive styles. Lafayette has truly helped me learn my own style and it will continue to do so for other students looking for a knowledge in the arts.

But its not just visual arts, Lafayette offers classes in every spectrum. The full list of classes can be found in the student handbook.