Retiring Teachers of 2018

Hannah Sever, Staff Writer

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At Lafayette, two of our very best teachers are, sadly, retiring. Both Mrs. Guth, in the libary, and Mrs. Waespe, in the math department, are retiring this year. It’s bittersweet for the both of them. I had the pleasure of sitting with and talking to each of them about their time at Lafayette.

Before Lafayette, Mrs. Guth taught English at Crawford Middle School, Leestown Middle School, and Tates Creek High School. She taught English for 15 years at those schools and then applied to be a librarian at Lafayette. She has been a librarian here for the past 15 years. Her favorite part of her job is communicating with the students. After retirement, she wishes to travel a lot and work in her garden.

When Mrs. Waespe was younger, she said that women typically only got a degree in nursing or teaching, which was why she got her teaching degree. She taught at Beaumont Middle School until she took a break from working for a little while, since she had kids. Later, she returned to teaching and, fortunately, she has always loved her job. She has taught in Pennsylvania and Illinois, as well as Leestown Middle School before she came to Lafayette. She has been at Lafayette for 20 years.

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“The best 20 years of my life! I love Lafayette.””

— Mrs. Waespe

Waespe is very passionate about teaching and is sad to leave. Her favorite part of Lafayette is the students she teaches and loves. After retirement, she plans to spend lots of time with her grandchildren and, of course, to simply relax!

Both Mrs. Guth and Mrs. Waespe will be deeply missed here at Lafayette and it will be bittersweet for the staff and students. Happy Retirement!