The Lafayette Times 2017-2018 Overview


Staff Members of the Lafayette Times: Rebecca Bishop, Victoria Steward, Laura McPherson, and Nikki Cesiro

Katy Cornish, Staff Writer

As most of our readers know, this is the first year of the Lafayette Times. It has been quite successful as a whole and the staff have grown as writers and as friends. Sherri McPherson, an English teacher at Lafayette, teaches Journalism during A3. This is the first year this class has been available for Lafayette students in about 11 years. In this class, students learn how to write editorials, manage time with deadlines, and work with the role of a journalist.

The peers in the Times have received generous donations throughout the year from alumni, parents, and various teachers. With these contributions, the class purchased their first camera, which has supported the photographers in the group. Although the staff of the Times is a small bunch, they have been writing nonstop since October.

Over 40 people have signed up for McPherson’s journalism class for the 2018-2019 school year. That is a 100% growth rate for the class. This includes some of the students who are in the class currently. McPherson has big plans for next year’s Times staff that include adding an app, recruiting for a broadcast journalism class, and having students compete for Journalism awards.

The school year is ending very soon and as a writer of the Times, I know that I am very grateful for this class. We wish our readers a good summer and we hope to see you in the fall.