SCAPA Presents “Taste of Sunrise”

Victoria Steward, Editor-in-Chief

SCAPA/Lafayette Theatre is currently working on the show “Taste of Sunrise”. This production is bilingual in American Sign Language and English.

The story follows Tuc, a boy who loses his hearing due to Scarlet fever. His father, meaning well, sends him to the Central Institute for the Deaf where the central goal is to teach the Deaf students to speak and read lips. Tuc meets Maizie who is a CODA, child of Deaf adults. Maizie introduces Tuc to the world of sign language.

This story of acceptance can be seen at Beeler Auditorium on:

October 11th at 7 pm

October 12th at 7 pm

October 14th at 2 pm and 6 pm

Student tickets are $10

Adult tickets are $15

“You look at me and only see the things I cannot do, things I cannot be; But I can taste the cool spring water and know what month it is. I can smell the difference between the smoke of Hickory and Apple Wood. I can see the sharp sting of honey, and I can taste the sunrise.” – Suzan L. Zeder