Mr. Royster, the Vlogger?


Rebekah Dunlap

Mr. Royster showing of his camera skills

Rebecca Bishop, Editor-in-Chief

YouTube. Everyone uses it, whether they post videos or are a spectator. You can watch anything from educational videos to “how to bathe an elephant”. However, imagine if one of your associate principals started their own vlog channel. Well, that is exactly what Mr. Royster has done.

By now news has traveled that Mr. Royster has started a YouTube channel. He started his vlog channel towards the end of summer. The purpose of this channel is to promote Lafayette, of course. Now you are probably wondering, “why in the world would Mr. Royster start a vlog chanel?”. Believe it or not, when asked in an interview, he told us, “I watch a lot of YouTube…I may go from watching a physicist explain string theory to watching a panda sneeze”.  This experience is familiar to most of us. However, unlike most of us, the urge to start a vlog happened over the summer when he started to watch educational videos.

Mr. Royster currently has five videos uploaded and all of these videos have messages. Whether it’s a video talking about what’s new with Lafayette, or interacting with the students, you know that it’s going to be a good video.

Trolls. I’m sure we are all aware that people like to say mean things in the comments section of YouTube videos to start drama. Mr. Royster has told us that he watches all the comments,  and he deletes anything with vulgar wording. He also has his channel set up so that any comments containing certain key words can’t be posted.

Now I’m sure that all of you are dying to be in one of his videos, and he would love for you to be in one. All you have to do is ask. That’s it. You may have to help write out what you want to do. I would be careful with skits. Mr. Royster tells us that memorizing lines are very hard for him, as “that is not in [his] skill set”.

Writing this article was so much fun. Not only was I given a chance to talk to Mr. Royster, and see that he’s not all that scary, but I was also able to take part in one of his videos. I was able to see that Mr. Royster really wants to promote Lafayette, and all of the activities the school offers. I believe that his YouTube channel was a wonderful idea.

If you want to go watch his vlogs, then here is the link to his channel: Richard Royster  . Make sure to check out the video he did about his channel and The Lafayette Times!