School Board Tax Increase for Safety Upgrades


Tylar Seavers

New exit only signs on doors.

Tylar Seavers, Staff Writer

The Fayette County Public School board has approved a 13.5 million dollar initiate to improve public school safety. The board added 5 cents for every 100 dollars of property with a 4-0 vote.

The increasing problem of school safety seemed to present itself around January of last year. In January, there was a fatal school shooting in Marshal County High School and in February, the Parkland, Florida shooting. After these incidents, copy-cat threats came to Lexington schools.

This new initiative will pay for things such as more law enforcement officers, hiring mental health professionals, and securing exit doors. All Fayette County middle and high schools will implement metal detectors and more security personnel to help enforce them.

Kateltyn Keemle , a freshman at Lafayette, says, “Going into a larger school this year I was nervous because of all the things happening last year. Now with the new safety precautions I feel better going to school everyday”.

The threats and worries of kids and their parents should start to diminish as the Fayette County schools work on increasing the school safety and are said to make the district of thee safest in the country. At the end of the 2018-2019 the school safety should be dramatically increase.