Spanish Club

Kylie Willis, clubs journalist

Lafayette offers a multitude of clubs to join, one being the Spanish club. This club is lead by Jordan Yeager, a Spanish teacher here at LHS. The club meets twice a month and runs all year long.

On the first Friday of every month the club watches a movie. These movies are from various Spanish-speaking countries featuring different cultures and dialects. Other meetings include conversation tables, crafts, volunteer work, and fiestas. These activities will aim to enhance knowledge of diverse Hispanic cultures. They are centered around celebrating certain holidays, practicing Spanish, and even eating great food!

The sponsor of the club, Mr. Yeager, hopes to create an environment that is “much more informal and relaxed” as opposed to class. The complexities of Spanish-speaking countries present an opportunity of immense learning and he wants the students involved with the club to “have exposure to a lot of different cultures within the Spanish-speaking world”.

The Spanish club welcomes all who are currently or previously enrolled in a Spanish class. To be a part of this, simply come to a meeting! Dates and times vary so the best way to keep up with when the club meets is to join the Spanish Club Remind thread @mryeage to 81010.