Outdoors Club Introduction


Ariana Spencer , Clubs writer

The Outdoors Club is a student driven club that helps students connect with nature. This club, sponsored by Ms. Detraz, offers members the opportunity to do fun activities outdoors. Club meetings are on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30.

When asked why Ms. Detraz wanted to sponsor the Outdoors Club she responded, “I just think getting outside is a healthy practice! Its a way to reconnect with yourself and there’s science that supports that [it] improves our well being”.

Their second meeting is on Thursday, September 20th after school at 3:30-4:30 and they are going to be working on a garden. They’ve invited a special guest, Chef McBride, who will help with the garden that is located in the center of the courtyard of Lafayette, starting with flowers and building out from there.

Eventually, they want to start a school-wide compost program to help reduce the amount of food waste. The other activities the club will participate in include: bike riding and hiking.

Outdoors Club is the perfect after-school activity for those who enjoy hiking through nature. Their first hike is September 22nd to Raven Run. They also plan to go to Red River Gorge in October and tour the Legacy Trail this spring. Students that don’t have bikes can rent the orange bikes from Spin that you see all over Lexington.

If you are interested in enjoying the outdoors and seeing other parts of our beautiful state, check out the Outdoors Clubon Thursdays in room 243.